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The Mental Approach

The Mental Approach was created to help athletes, coaches, and business professionals close the gap between their potential performance and their actual performance. TMA utilizes the teaching of mental skills to help people in their performance realms to be more successful and develop lifelong skills to improve their overall ability to deal with cognitive/mental challenges that sports and life may present to them. 

Some of the skills that are utilized to teach clients include: self-awareness training, proper goal-setting techniques, habit tracking, mindfulness, imagery/visualization, attention and concentration control, breathing techniques, dealing with distractions internal/external, and many more skills. 


Mental skills have been becoming more popular with more public figures discussing mental health and with more athletes talking about the mental side of sports. These are the skills that can help athletes separate themselves from their competition, cope with difficulties, and excel where others do not (there are many other benefits to learning how to build your own mental skills or teach others how to strengthen their mental skills).  


As of 2018, 27 out of 30 major league baseball teams employed a mental performance coach in their organization. Most teams in the NBA teams now employ at least one mental health professional on their staffs. The United States Olympic Committee has a registry of over 150 Sport Psychologists for their athletes to work with. 

If you are willing to spend 2 hours a day training your physical body, and 1 hour training the technical parts of your sport. Then why wouldn't you allow me the privilege to help you spend 45-60 minutes working on your mental game?

the team

Eric Ritter

Owner, Mental Performance Coach

  • 11 years combined Active Duty US Army/National Guard leadership experience

  • 9 years of coaching and mentorship experience

  • 5 years working in higher education in collegiate settings (athletics, coaching, academic advising, teaching undergraduate courses)

  • Worked as a mental performance coach for hundreds of athletes (youth and adult) and business professionals teaching mental skills and life skills. 


  • Master's in Sport Psychology


Current applicant to obtain CMPC status

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About Eric
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